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Double Peak Trail
Lake San Marcos, CA Jan 28, 2018
Double Peak Trail Lake San Marcos, CA
Jan 28, 2018
Notes: 5.6 mi : It was a great hike with our hiking club!!! Beautiful day, warm weather (~85 deg.). Up hill mainly with steep incline at some point. Doing it again!
Iron Mountain Peak Trail #10
Poway, CA Jan 14, 2018
Iron Mountain Peak Trail #10 Poway, CA
Jan 14, 2018
Notes: A steady incline with interval grades. You’ll feel it in your muscles in a good way.
Lake Calavera Preserve Loop
Carlsbad, CA Dec 11, 2017
Lake Calavera Preserve Loop Carlsbad, CA
Dec 11, 2017
Notes: 4 mi : Mostly flat with uneven surface. Couple of small hills to get your heart going. People need to pick up after their pets. Very nice hike!