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Oh-Be-Joyful #835
Crested Butte, CO Jun 7, 2018
Oh-Be-Joyful #835 Crested Butte, CO
Jun 7, 2018
Notes: 4 mi : All uphill and not a lot of trees for the dog during midday. Many smaller trails that can trick you off the main path that lead to viewpoints.
Mt. Galbraith Park Loop
Golden, CO May 21, 2018
Mt. Galbraith Park Loop Golden, CO
May 21, 2018
Notes: 5 mi : Nice trail. Needed to keep our dog on the leash the whole time. A few steep climbs. Can see how the trail would be great for mountain bikers.
Summit Cove: Soda Creek & Groovy Uvi
Keystone, CO Feb 28, 2018
Summit Cove: Soda Creek & Groovy Uvi Keystone, CO
Feb 28, 2018
Notes: 3.2 mi : Pretty difficult trail in the snow as a lot of the path is not well packed.