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Baring Falls
Rising Sun, MT Jul 9, 2018
Baring Falls Rising Sun, MT
Jul 9, 2018
Notes: Took slightly different .4 mile path from boat dock from St. Mary's boat tour landing spot. Real quick and easy hike.
Highline to The Loop
Red Rock Point, MT Jul 8, 2018
Highline to The Loop Red Rock Point, MT
Jul 8, 2018
Notes: Killed my knees on the way down. Too much descent - was holding everyone up and we almost didn't make the shuttle. Chalet views are overrated imo
Scenic Point Out and Back
Bison, MT Jul 7, 2018
Scenic Point Out and Back Bison, MT
Jul 7, 2018
Notes: Didn't make it all the way to the summit, due to large 40 mph wind gusts. Got within 30 mins (to the saddle) before coming back down.
Jones/Lower Talkington/Lower Paddock Loop
Medora, ND Jul 5, 2018
Jones/Lower Talkington/Lower Paddock Loop Medora, ND
Jul 5, 2018
Notes: 33 mi : Drove the 30 mile loop in car. Got out of car to see prairie dogs a few times.
Connector D
Wailua, HI Jan 1, 2018
Connector D Wailua, HI
Jan 1, 2018
Notes: Didn't hike this but drove to top of mountain and walked around a lot along the way and stopped at some visitor centers and for picnic lunch.
Pools at Ohe'o Hāna, HI Jan 1, 2018
Pools at Ohe'o Hāna, HI
Jan 1, 2018
Notes: Took 12 hours to drive the crazy wild ride that is the Road to Hana - it has many one way bridges! Have to leave early to give yourself enough time.
Sunrise Park and Emmons Vista Overlook Eatonville, WA Dec 31, 2015
Sunrise Park and Emmons Vista Overlook Eatonville, WA
Dec 31, 2015
Notes: We drove up as high as we could go without snow tires. Saw the entrance sign and walked up to it to take some pictures.