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Walnut Canyon Rim
Flagstaff, AZ Jun 27, 2020
Walnut Canyon Rim Flagstaff, AZ
Jun 27, 2020
Notes: 15 mi — 9h 21m
Tom's Thumb
Rio Verde, AZ Feb 16, 2020
Tom's Thumb Rio Verde, AZ
Feb 16, 2020
Notes: 4.4 mi — 3h 2m
Piestewa Peak Trail
Paradise Valley, AZ Feb 15, 2020
Piestewa Peak Trail Paradise Valley, AZ
Feb 15, 2020
Notes: 3.7 mi — 2h 40m : Nice trail, 1/2 to 3 force is very rocky which makes it slow going. Vegetation, interesting operations, and singing birds. A peaceful place in the…
Peralta Out and Back
Gold Camp, AZ Feb 9, 2020
Peralta Out and Back Gold Camp, AZ
Feb 9, 2020
Notes: 4.3 mi — 3h 50m : Beautiful views of canyon. Could hike faster but took a lot of photos.
Mesquite Canyon Loop
Citrus Park, AZ Feb 1, 2020
Mesquite Canyon Loop Citrus Park, AZ
Feb 1, 2020
Notes: 8.4 mi — 4h 10m : Loop with nice vegetation and canyon views in the back of the park.
Wilson Mountain Trail #10
Sedona, AZ Sep 1, 2019
Wilson Mountain Trail #10 Sedona, AZ
Sep 1, 2019
Notes: 12.3 mi — 8h 10m : Did the whole Trail including first part of Wilson Canyon and the Sedona overlook. Nice views but long and hot. Segments of trail have a lot of brush
Bear Mountain Trail
West Sedona, AZ Aug 31, 2019
Bear Mountain Trail West Sedona, AZ
Aug 31, 2019
Notes: 5h 10m : A leisurely pace to enjoy the many beautiful views and take lots of photos.
Bridal Wreath Falls
Tanque Verde, AZ Mar 23, 2019
Bridal Wreath Falls Tanque Verde, AZ
Mar 23, 2019
Notes: 6 mi — 4h 0m : Hiked at an easy pace, and spent a little extra time at the waterfall enjoying the sights. Some elevation gain, not many wildflowers, good views,…
Sutherland Trail #6
Oro Valley, AZ Mar 8, 2019
Sutherland Trail #6 Oro Valley, AZ
Mar 8, 2019
Notes: 11 mi — 6h 44m : Stoped to take a lot of photos. Lots of rocky terrain. Didn't reach the mountain switchbacks. Second half was a little boring.