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Max Patch Short Loop
Marshall, NC Nov 28, 2020
Max Patch Short Loop Marshall, NC
Nov 28, 2020
Notes: 1.5 mi : Easy hike. Beautiful views. Drive up isn't fun, narrow with lots of twists and turns. But view is worth it.
Lover's Leap Trail
Marshall, NC Nov 27, 2020
Lover's Leap Trail Marshall, NC
Nov 27, 2020
Notes: 1.8 mi — 1h 0m : Lovers leap loop
AT: Carolina Mountain Club (NC/TN)
Cove Creek, NC Nov 26, 2020
AT: Carolina Mountain Club (NC/TN) Cove Creek, NC
Nov 26, 2020
Notes: 9.6 mi — 4h 0m : Started at AT off Look Out Mountain Road - hiked up to Fire Tower (3.3 miles, 1 hour 57 min). Followed car path from Tower back down (6.25 mi, 01:52)
Laurel River Trail
Marshall, NC Nov 25, 2020
Laurel River Trail Marshall, NC
Nov 25, 2020
Notes: 2h 10m : Easy walk/hike with family and dog. Some rocky areas. Flat trail. Clearly marked. Some down trees