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Vikingsholm South Lake Tahoe, CA Sep 30, 2016
Vikingsholm South Lake Tahoe, CA
Sep 30, 2016
Notes: One of the best views of Emerald Bay
Penasquitos Creek Loop
Fairbanks Ranch, CA Jul 10, 2015
Penasquitos Creek Loop Fairbanks Ranch, CA
Jul 10, 2015
Notes: 6 mi : A very easy hike with almost no elevation change. Beautiful creek/waterfall after the first 3 miles.
Kwaay Paay Peak Trail
Santee, CA Jan 10, 2015
Kwaay Paay Peak Trail Santee, CA
Jan 10, 2015
Notes: Short but rewarding. About 45mins to get to the top. Gets a little steep but it's relatively safe and lots of fun
Trans Catalina Trail (TCT)
Avalon, CA Mar 15, 2014
Trans Catalina Trail (TCT) Avalon, CA
Mar 15, 2014
Notes: Backpacking ability: beginner Hiking ability: advanced Most beautiful hike I've ever done
Cowles Mountain Backside Loop
La Mesa, CA Sep 10, 2013
Cowles Mountain Backside Loop La Mesa, CA
Sep 10, 2013
Notes: Pretty views of San Diego at the top and the trail is easy. Avoid weekends unless you want to feel like you're at a crowded mall
Nighthawk Trail
Poway, CA Aug 10, 2013
Nighthawk Trail Poway, CA
Aug 10, 2013
Notes: Boring trail I would only recommend doing in the winter when the weather is cooler
Chantry Flat/Mt. Wilson Loop
Sierra Madre, CA Mar 10, 2012
Chantry Flat/Mt. Wilson Loop Sierra Madre, CA
Mar 10, 2012
Notes: Almost entirely singletrack trail in covered forest. Perfect location for a beginner backpacker with quiet fire pits and campgrounds a few miles in.
Cactus to Clouds: Palm Springs - Mt. San Jacinto
Palm Springs, CA May 10, 2011
Cactus to Clouds: Palm Springs - Mt. San Jacinto Palm Springs, CA
May 10, 2011
Notes: 10 mi : Uphill the whole way. About 10,000ft of elevation gain in about 8miles. More of a check in the box than a nature getaway.
Iron Mountain Peak Trail #10
Poway, CA May 10, 2011
Iron Mountain Peak Trail #10 Poway, CA
May 10, 2011
Notes: 6 mi